About us

Directed by the visionary leadership of Dr Ajai Chandran C.K and Dr Anjusha I.B., Anantapadmam Builders, the studio “Ananta”, meaning- “infinite blessings”, emerges as a dynamic and interdisciplinary design studio. Drawing inspiration from the timeless heritage of Bharat, we seamlessly blend sustainability and modern luxury with a global perspective.

Our mission is to create a uniquely built environment that fosters art, culture, eco-consciousness, human-centric design, innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual discourse while providing wellness, peace and prosperity.

A profound understanding of India’s essence lies at the core of our architectural endeavours. Through meticulously crafted sketches, philosophy, concepts, analytical drawings, and details, we embark on a journey of reimagining urban planning and design. Our approach embraces time, scale, character, spatial efficiency, and aesthetic impact. By revitalising the public sphere, we honour the five elements of intrinsic significance within the dynamic urban fabric. This recognition emphasises our unwavering commitment to the spirit of Bharat.